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Friday, December 8, 2023
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complex adaptive systems Systems with simple components that interact in relatively simple ways to produce large-scale dynamics with rich, complex structures.

complex additive systems Systems that are usually engineered to work efficiently by linking several systems together to form systems if systems.

complex systems Systems consisting of interacting dynamic components. These systems are usually nonlinear and can be modeled using mathematical equations and techniques.

control theory A mathematical and engineering theory that looks at how dynamic systems behave over a period of time.

Critical Infrastructure Systems Systems that are crucial to the functionality of the nation’s society and economy. An example would be electric power grids.

currency market A market where one currency is traded for another. Also referred to as the foreign exchange market.

dynamical systems Systems that contain components that change with time.

hybrid dynamical systems Systems with interacting continuous and discrete dynamics.

key enabling technologies Technologies developed at ICASA that are a designed for non-experts to use. These technologies are yielded based on research conducted at ICASA.

malware Malicious software developed for intentionally harming a computer system.

mitigation Actions and programs created to reduce the effects of malicious attacks on complex systems.

modeling A technique used to simulate scenarios resulting in insight to how the scenario’s components will act under certain conditions.

predictability The quality of being able to correctly predict a system’s state.

simulation A technique used to create a model of a scenario that yields results similar to what would occur in real-life

Systems theory

A theory that views the world in “systems” and finds different types of organization for these systems. This organization is believed to have a hierarchy sub-systems.

vulnerability Weaknesses in a system’s security, which allows malicious activities to easily, take place within the system. Vulnerabilities usually result from a system’s flaws, bugs, and/.or design errors.

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