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Innovative Studies Research Program (ISRP)

One of the most interesting and important scientific and technical challenges presently facing researchers is the development of a comprehensive and rigorous understanding of the behaviors exhibited by complex, interdependent systems. As a means of stimulating innovative research on the behaviors by complex interdependent systems, ICASA has established an Innovative Studies Research Program (ISRP). The primary objective of this initiative is to foster creative, high quality research addressing critical problems in the general area of complex systems modeling and analysis. The focus of the ISRP is on three themes:

1. Modeling, simulation, and analysis of social systems
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: the dynamics of social and economic systems (including both theoretical and empirical aspects); the evolution of organizations and systems of organizations; and the role of communication in the behavior of social systems.

2. Mathematical foundations of complex systems
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: the characteristics of (complex) networks and the relationship between these characteristics and the dynamical properties of the networks; the fundamental nature of the (empirically observed) trade-off between high performance and high sensitivity in complex systems; and the mathematical foundations of complex (dynamical) systems.

3. Knowledge management
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: knowledge representation emphasizing applications to knowledge sharing, conceptual modeling, and automated manipulation of information; techniques for knowledge representation (e.g., conceptual graphs, frame-based systems); automated formal ontology construction; and logical (computational) reasoning systems applied to conceptual analysis.

Past ISRP recipients include Lucent Technologies, Volterra Consulting, Dartmouth College, and New Mexico State University. As part of ICASA's educational goals, future ISRP opportunities will be offered as they become available.

Previous ISRP Recipients

Project Title

Valerio Aimale and Alexander Outkin - BiosGroup, Inc


Agent-Based Modeling for Understanding the Dynamics of the Nasdaq Stock Market and Predicting the Impact of Rule Changes

Diane Lambert - Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies


Communication Flows: Analysis of an Email Network

Peter Winkler - Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies


Network Diagnosis from Information Spread

M. Krupa - Department of Mathematics, New Mexico State University


Report on research activity while holding the ISRP award

Paul Omerod - Volterra Consulting Ltd.


Explaining the Success of Sexual Reproduction

Paul Omerod - Volterra Consulting Ltd.

A Complex Systems Approach to the Extinction of Firms

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