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In order to achieve scientific and technical excellence among the next generation of analysts, scientists, and engineers, ICASA works closely with New Mexico Tech to ensure that students and professionals have opportunities to further their knowledge and experience. ICASA employs students and professionals from a wide range of fields, allowing them to gain experience and knowledge in the workplace.

Computer Science
The curriculum of the Department of Computer Science includes courses in both theoretical and applied computer science, and strives to cover the current concepts and major applications of the field.

Electrical Engineering
The Electrical Engineering Department blends a strong undergraduate program with an active research-based graduate program to provide its graduates with the fundamental and technical education needed by engineers in a technology- driven world.

Information Technology
The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program at New Mexico Tech is administered jointly by the Computer Science and Management departments. The curriculum includes relevant computer science, management, and engineering courses, and emphasizes secure information systems and information assurance.

The Department of Management provides undergraduate degree programs that draw heavily on New Mexico Tech's strengths in science, engineering, and technology. The aim of the department is to develop in students substantive decision-making skills and tools, as well as the functional knowledge required to effectively manage complex technology-based organizations in today's competitive global economy.

The Mathematics Department studies different areas of mathematics from pure mathematics to applied mathematics, operations research, and statistics. The department plays an important role in teaching mathematics to students in other disciplines. In addition, the department offers bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics.

Mechanical Engineering
The Department of Mechanical Engineering administers a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Mechanics, and a Master of Science in Engineering Mechanics with specializations in explosives engineering, advanced mechanics, or mechatronics systems engineering. Students involved in the Mechanical Engineering curriculum are exposed to a heavy load of science and mathematics.

Technical Communication
The Technical Communication (TC) program at New Mexico Tech is a part of the Humanities Department. The TC program combines courses from three fields of study: courses in design, computer documentation, writing, speaking, and editing; courses in humanities and social sciences; and courses in science and technology.

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