Educational Programs

As part of ICASA's mission to train the next generation of analysts, scientists and engineers, ICASA sponsors and supports several educational programs to encourage students and professionals to explore the field of complex additive systems analysis. Currently, ICASA offers several such programs to further this endeavor:

The primary function and goal of ICASA is to assist and encourage the training and education of future analysts, scientists, and engineers; therefore, ICASA seeks students to assist in research, development, and administrative tasks. New Mexico Tech students who are majoring in computer science, electrical engineering, information technology, management, mathematics, mechanical engineering, and technical communication are encouraged to contact ICASA about available student opportunities.

Scholarship for Service (SFS)
Through a grant received from the National Science Foundation (NSF), New Mexico Tech provides support for outstanding students studying in all fields of information assurance, including computer security, network security, security policy, and cryptography. For more information, please see the official NMT SFS website

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